Known as the guitar playing belter with tons of soul, Laura Tremblay has been singing and performing for 20 years in musical theatre and film/television and has embarked on a solo music career within the last year. Her original music can be described as a perfect blend of pop, folk and funk, with tons of movement and heart. Her inspirations come from the people in her life and the experiences she has had as a small town artist trying to make it in the big world. Tremblay sings about love, loss, depression and following your purpose. With her catchy hooks, and talented band behind her, you cannot help but to sing along and tap your feet to the rhythm she provides.

With production help and mentorship from Murray Foster, from Canadian mega bands Moxy Fruvous and Great Big Sea, the songs on Laura Tremblay’s upcoming album are polished, modern and catchy.

Tremblay is a well known actor and performer in the Toronto, ON film/television/theatre community. She has been involved in many on screen productions such as Paranormal Witness (SyFy/Space Channel), Ben-Hur (2016, Metro-Goldwyn Mayer/ Paramount Pictures), Separated (Prowler Film), Tear Us Apart (Envoi Entertainment),Handsome Devils (Discovery ID/OWN), Millions (Jaded Pictures), Surviving Evil (Cineflix), and Mom’s Wedding (Tamaya Productions). Tremblay has also been seen off screen as the lead female role in the 10 year anniversary Equity production of Evil Dead The Musical that toured North America.

Tremblay’s debut album “RESTLESS” will be available early 2016. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for this effervescent artist that is sure to reach you.

MAY 5/16, 8PM
Canadian Music Week Showcase @ Cherry Cola’s – Toronto, ON

JUNE 8/16, 10PM
CD Release Party @ The Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, ON

JULY 9-13/16
Via Rail Artist On Board – Toronto, ON – Vancouver, BC

JULY 16/16, 8PM
@ The Art We Are – Kamloops, BC

JULY 19/16, 8PM
@ Nancy O’s – Prince George, BC

JULY 21/16, 8PM
@ Infinitea – Fernie, BC

JULY 22/16, 8PM
@ Wine Ohs – Calgary, AB